The Red Hots

(Tribute to RHCP)

Born from a passion for all that is Funky and Rockin', the Red Hots: Tribute to RHCP were established in 2016. Playing a great smattering of Red Hot Chili Peppers tunes spanning nearly 3 decades, The Red Hots have toured all over the South West and Southern California. The Red Hots bring the experience of The Red Hot Chili Peppers straight to wherever you are.


Bass Guitar

Ian Reed discovered at a young age the healing power of the Funk. He took the bass guitar up at age 12 and has never looked back. His favorite RHCP song is "Especially in Michigan" and favorite album is "Blood Sugar Sex Magic". He also enjoys guitar, synth and colorful pants. 


Lead vocals

Sam Elias AKA Samthony Kedis has been a avid fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers for over 15 years. Sams favorite RHCP song is "Cabron" off of his favorite album "By the Way". Sam is a multi instrumentalist and enjoys Drums, Bass, synth and guitar as well as singing. 


Lead Guitar

AKA The Justice Ranger, Glen has recently joined the ranks of "The Red Hots". If you're looking for somebody who will melt the paint off the walls with rocking guitar solos, Glen is your man. If you're looking for somebody to play you the sweetest, most heart felt guitar solo that will simultaneously steal your heart and your girlfriend, Glen is your man. Glens favorite RHCP song is "subterranean homesick blues" off of "Uplift Mofo Party Plan". 



A man born with an internal metronome, a man as handsome as he is tall. Doug received his first drum set on his 5th birthday and has since perfected the art of groove while remaining a technical virtuoso. As previously seen with his touring band "Loaner" in which he was front man. Doug's favorite RHCP song is "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie May" off of the "Im With You" album.